Dr. Jorge R. Chacón graduated with a Doctor of Psychology in 2005 from the accredited Southern California University for Professional Studies. He has worked in the counseling field in various capacities since 1969, including experiences as case manager, mental health clinician, educator and administrator.

Alma Chacón graduated with a Masters Degree from the University of Washington. She has 30 plus years experience in the educational field that includes K-12 teaching, principal and administration. Additional experience includes supervision of statewide Bilingual and Title III Programs for the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

A current contract with OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) allows her the opportunity for the provision of statewide assistance to school districts specifically for program/curriculum reviews, training and coaching. Specialized training or certifications include:

  • K-12 Educator
  • Bilingual Education
  • ELL Specialist
  • Principal
  • Superintendent credentials
  • GLAD Tier I & II

Education Consulting Services

Alma Chacón, M.ED.

Jorge Chacón, Psy.D.