A better you...a better quality of life.

Counseling is assisting you with life issues and in achieving a better quality of life. Life provides us with challenges on a daily basis and sometimes those challenges overwhelm us. To meet these challenges our services are holistic, focusing on the total you, on the present and tapping into your inner strength. Life problems are mostly relationship problems to be solved. If appropriate, family should be involved.

*Awareness           *Skill Learning            *Choices             *Change

Awareness and Skill learning: With a focus on “mind awareness,” we use meaningful, powerful teachings and skill learning techniques that facilitate change. We use the individual’s will, potential and desire to live a satisfying and peaceful life.

Change is an opportunity!

Office Services
**Varying prices**
• Certifications
• Divorce Formalities
• Unemployment Formalities
• Representations
• Fax/Copy/Email
• Immigration Forms (who to contact and where)
• Notary Public Services
• Power of Attorney Letters
• Traveling Authorization Letters
• Contracts
• Typing

Education Consulting Services

The provision of statewide consulting services to school districts, which include a range of services from parent involvement to program and/or curriculum review and development.

GLAD Tier I & II

It’s a privilege to serve you!

Specialized training or certifications include:

* K-12 Educator
* Bilingual Education
* ELL Specialis
* Principal
* Superintendent credentials
NW Family Services Institute is a CERTIFIED DVIT Provider
A high percentage of clients have commented on the difference it has made in their lives and in their relationships. Life is all about choices!